Brief Intro To Colorectal Surgical Practice

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This is a specialist field of medicine that deals with acute physical disorders of the anus, colon and rectum. And this short note presents you with a (very) brief introduction to the colorectal surgery charleston practice. The specialist medical practitioner who performs colorectal surgery is also known as a proctologist. After completing a period of general surgery residency as well as a fellowship in colorectal surgery, the new doctor becomes eligible to be certified by the American Board of Colon & Rectal Surgery.

Universally, a period of residency of up to three years is usually required before medical practitioners go on to specialize. Other conditions treated and procedures performed by the qualifying proctologist include hemorrhoidectomy (for the treatment of haemorrhoids), polypectomy and anoplasty. Colonoscopy, on the other hand is not a surgical procedure. It is a diagnostic procedure.

This procedure is pivotal because it helps the specialist practitioner determine which surgical procedure, if any, will be required. Other diagnostic procedures performed include the proctoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and defecating proctography. Laparoscopic surgery has in recent years become a popular procedure owing to its lower risks. Windows of recovery are also smaller and have been reduced.

Through the use of laparoscopic instruments, required incisions have become more precise. Other than that there is what is now known as the mechanical bowel preparation. In this process fecal matter is removed from the bowels before surgery. This is done through the use of sodium phosphate. But the narrative goes that this procedure is still in its infancy. Other than that, a qualifying proctologist will surely be able to shed light on how the procedure works.

Having a ‘procedure done’ should never be regarded as an embarrassing encounter. More than that it should be seen as a life-saving exercise.